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Easy, One-day Home Improvement & Safety Projects

If you've recently moved to a new home, you'll quickly uncover items that you will want to change. While a costly renovation may not be immediately possible for many new homeowners, there are however, some great innovations that can make your home look cleaner and safer- and cause the Jones' next door to be envious of you, for a change :-)

Here is my list of cool, must-have gadgets; whether your looking for a better way to plug in your phone or lighting your way at night, these simple products have made my life easier- I know because I have each of these products installed in MY HOME.

Warning: Certain home improvement projects can be inherently dangerous, and even the most benign tool can cause serious injury or death if not used properly. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTION MANUALS AND SAFETY WARNINGS. You must be particularly careful when dealing with electricity – always use common sense. If you are unsure about completing any electrical improvements, please consult a licensed electrical contractor to perform the service for you.

Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc. is not endorsing or guaranteeing any products listed in this post.

Apple, iPhone, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. ​All other trademarks cited herein: Topgreener, Levinton, Samsung, SnapPower, and Eaton are registered trademarks of their respective owners and brands.

USB Integrated Outlets

Nobody likes charger clutter- especially in your kitchen. Adding some USB

integrated outlets will eliminate the need for all those bulky power adapters. My favorite is the Topgreener(R) High Speed USB Charger Outlet 15A. This unit works great for charging iPhones(R), as well as Samsung Galaxy Notes(R).

Word of caution, if you think you might be upgrading your iPad(R) to a newer model, you may want to consider the Levinton(R) 15-Amp USB Charger. Levinton has helped to future-proof their outlet by also including an integrated Type-C USB adapter (pictured on right).

Whichever model you choose, it is certainly a convenient choice to keep your countertops cleaner. If your budget allows, consider placing these outlets behind your bedside nightstand, too!


Light up Dark Hallways or Stairs at Night with SnapPower Guidelights

SnapPower(R) lights are an excellent choice for those who are looking to have a safe solution to a nightlight- all without the look of a bulky nightlight or loss of a power outlet.

SnapPower lights do not require special brackets, batteries, mounts or wires. Just simply remove the existing screw plate cover from a normal outlet, and then 'snap' these in their place, add the set screw, and you're done!

The small LED lights are energy efficient (at an estimated $0.10 annually), and give just enough light to help you navigate in the dark without stubbing your toe on something left in the hallway. I chose the five-pack, as it was the best economical option, and have them placed in hallways, bathrooms, utility rooms, and the garage. Just be sure to purchase the correct cover for your Duplex or Decor style outlet.

Note: These will not work on GFI protected outlets- they must 'snap' into your outlets that have a bare hot and neutral terminal on the side of the outlet, such as the ones pictured above.


Bath Fan Timers

Eaton's(R) 5-Button Preset Minute Timers are just plain awesome.

With Five (5) preset time intervals, and rated for 1/4HP Motor loads, you can now program your bathroom exhaust fan to turn off without forgetting to turn it off!

The LED indicators also illuminate the interval selected and will flash the 5-min countdown LED when the unit is about to power-off.

I have these installed in all bathroom wet-locations, and they work flawlessly. I always have houseguests ask where I got these.


Automatic Outdoor Lighting from Dusk to Dawn

Leviton's 24-Hour Programmable Indoor Timer with a built-in Astronomical Clock has proven to be a very reliable switch that can turn on my outdoor porch lights, garage coach lights, and even back patio lights at dusk, and turn them off just before sunrise.

The built-in astronomical clock also automatically adjusts the on/off time to local sunrise & sunset times, and daylight savings time- so it really has been a set-it-up-once and forget about it, type of switch.

Best of all I sleep more soundly knowing my home and yard is well-lit at night.

Have a BIGGER Renovation Project to do?


If you are looking to tackle a much larger home renovation project at your home (kitchen, bath, pool, energy improvements or even room additions)- please contact me today for more information on a Home Renovation Loan from Sierra Pacific Mortgage! Our office can help any client in Nevada, California, Colorado, Arizona or Texas.

Our team's dedication to helping our clients prove how we stand out from our competition. Read our past client reviews and testimonials here.


I'm here to help- call me today!

Franco Manueli

Branch Manager & Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

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2580 St. Rose Pkwy., Suite #230

Henderson, NV 89074

Office: (702) 420-2250

Fax: (855) 689-6691


Some products and services may not be available in all states. Programs, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. Subject to verification of borrower qualifications, property evaluations and credit approval. Terms and conditions apply. This is not a commitment to lend and not all borrowers will qualify. Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc. may not be the lender for all products offered. Some loans may be made by a lender with whom Sierra Pacific Mortgage has a business relationship. Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc. NMLS #1788 and 988320. Nevada Commissioner of Mortgage License #3268, dba Sierra Pacific Mortgage Services, Inc. Not Licensed in New York. Texas License # 1788 and 11060-48154. Additional license info available at: Equal Housing Lender.

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